Planning + Promoting Quality of Life

Planning and Design

Our aim is to create places that INSPIRE. We combine technical planning skill with a passion for the creative to visualize and then realize the possible.

Economic Development

VALUE creation is an integral part of our planning and design approach. We find inspiration in the ask we consistently hear from our clients - help us increase private investment and attract new business.

Place Branding

We help communities share their STORY through both branding and design. Place branding requires a supporting cast: a great built environment and an authentic experience.


Food Insecurity Analysis and Map Publication

Working in partnership with state public health officials and the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, DbD helps launch the Food Access Project by conducting a spatial analysis identifying areas of food insecurity throughout Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Additional analysis is underway throughout the region.      

Stokes County Business Extravaganza: Disco Inferno!

The Stokes 2035 Vision Plan received much attention at the Stokes County Business Extravaganza on January 17th at Camp Hanes. And what an event it was! Congratulations to the Stokes County Economic Development Commission for hosting such a fun and engaging affair. The business community was excited to see the county and its municipalities taking time […]